The Danville Earned Income Tax Office is proud to launch this web site to help keep taxpayers informed of news and information related to this tax office. With the new Act 32 of 2008 laws coming into effect in January 2012, you may want to check back here from time to time to learn of important information to help you keep ahead of the game.


2016 Individual Filing Information

It is time to file your 2016 Earned Income Tax Return. The filing deadline for 2016 returns is April 18th, 2017. This year we have a number of ways for you to file your final return with our office.

Use our online filing system, PALITE. The PALITE system will help you prepare your return and allow you to pay any balance due using information from your checking account. You can also complete and print your return using PALITE, and mail or deliver your return to our office with any payment for a balance due.

Use our "fillable" PDF final return form. Download the form, complete, print, and mail or bring it to our office.
Note: You may need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this file.

Return the form you received in the mail. Each year we mail tax forms to residents who are required to file.
Stop by the office and pick up a form.


  • If mailing your form, you must have your envelope postmarked by midnight on April 18th to avoid possible penalties.
  • If you are submitting your form online, it must be submitted by midnight on April 18th to avoid possible penalties. The collector cannot be responsible for problems in delayed online filing. We recommend you file earlier than the April 18th deadline.

The Danville Earned Income Tax Office is proud to be joining with other Pennsylvania Tax Collectors in its' use of the PALITE family of services. Employers from across the county are now able to submit their employee details to this bureau safe, securely, and swiftly. Using the PALITE system is quick, easy, and free!

Act 32 of 2008 stipulates that employers are required to withhold Pennsylvania Local Earned Income Tax from employees earnings. This bureau has joined other collectors in their support and use of PALITE.ORG, a non-profit venture of local tax collectors in Pennsylvania.

Using PALITE.ORG to submit your monthly filings is easy, quick, and secure. You can upload your employee details to the PALITE.ORG web site any time of the day or night. The site accepts both Microsoft Excel and Federal MMREF file formats.

Letters are going out in June 2012 that include your login information. Using this information you can access the web site and begin working toward filing your employee details online in a secure, simple to use environment.